District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies (DCCEAS)


Notice:  The Council Events Calendar is available below for viewing in the Web Page portal.

Meetings can be added as reminders for events.

Council Meeting dates for 2023: (All meetings are virtual.)


                     01/05/23, 02/01/23, 03/1/23, 04/06/23, 05/04/23, 06/01/23

                     07/06/23, 08/3/23, 09/07/23, 10/05/23,11/02/23, 12/07/23

Engineers Week (NEW) events for 2024:

                            NEW Luncheon      21 February 2024   Wednesday

                            NEW Banquet         24 February 2024   Saturday


*There are No Regular Board meetings in July and August. **

The Chairman may call special ad-hoc meetings as required.


**Members may attend via teleconferencing or Zoom services by notifying secretary by e-mail to: secretary@dcceas.org.

*** The Maryland Society of Professional Engineer (MDSPE) invites the societies to participate in their Education and Networking events over the next several months by visiting the MDSPE web site :: 


These sessions cover monthly topics providing Professional Development Hours (PDH) for meeting member certification requirements. (09/20/2022 to 5/18/2023) and are highlighted on the calendar at specified dates.