District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies (DCCEAS)


The District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies dedicated to the engineering, architectural,  and technologically related organizations in the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia and supports public service and advance the professions through public interest, scientific and educational pursuits.

All duly organized and recognized engineering, architectural, scientific, or technically oriented organizations within the metropolitan area of Washington DC are eligible for Council membership. The three primary thrusts which guide Council activities are technical education, community leadership, and National Engineers Week support.

Technical Education
The Council promotes technical education, a mutual concern shared by its member organizations. The Council works with area secondary school students promoting the challenges and benefits of careers in architecture, science, and engineering, as well as colleges and universities, since these students are at a critical stage in selecting their careers. Annually, Council members contribute both time and monetary awards to local school events that promote technical education.

Community Leadership
The Council is dedicated to influencing and supporting a vibrant technical community in the Washington DC area. The council has recommended candidates to Appointment Officials for the DC Board of Registration for Professional Engineers since the board was first established. These recommendations are made by a consensus of the Council and are based on member organization nominations. The Council efforts assist the District Government in searching for and selecting outstanding individuals to be members of the Board of Registration.

The Council and its member organizations annually celebrate important Engineering Week events each February. The Council acts as a coordinating body to assist member organizations in supporting joint events to celebrate the week. The annual Engineers and Architects Day Luncheon and the formal Banquet and Awards Ceremony are two such events in which the Council recognizes members of the profession community and presents awards to outstanding scientists, architects, and engineers from the Washington area. Time permitting, member organizations may also present their awards for professional and academic accomplishments at these events.