District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies (DCCEAS)


The following list of Organizations are the current members of the 

DC Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies, some from its inception (*). 

These organizations have delegates who regularly contribute to our mission goals.

Note: Click on the organization's tab below to link to their web site for further details.

Applications for Membership in the Council can be requested as provided below.


Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering - NCS

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics - NCS

American Institute of Architects - DC*

American Institute of Chemical Engineers - AIChE

American Nuclear Society - DC

ASM International Materials Information Society - DC *

American Society of Civil Engineers - NCS*

American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers - NCC*

American Society of Naval Engineers, Flagship Section*

American Society of Plumbing Engineers - DC

Association of Scientists and Engineers of Navy - NAVSEA

Construction Specifications Institute - NCSI

Philippine-American Society of Architects and Engineers - PAASE 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - DC

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - NOVA

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers - NCC

International Council on Systems Engineering -DC

Note (*) Charter Member, Since 1936
DCCEAS expresses its hardy thanks to the following sponsors for their support of Council activities during this past year. With their generous support, we are able to provide high quality meetings, Engineers Week events, and the Minorities in Science and Engineering (MIST) Career Fair, as well as STEM programs at all levels of educational institutions.

"Applications for Membership Society" in the DCCEAS is required in proposal format. Inquires must be submitted and approved by the Council at least 45 days before consideration by the full Board. Proposals should at minimum include: officers of Society, jurisdiction, residence address, internet web site, affiliations, and national presence, as well as missions and goals, outreach activities as well as membership size and have been in existence for the least 5 years, with a statement of achievements during that period.  Membership Application Forms are available upon request. Send the above requested information to President@DCCEAS.org.

Project Management Institute - DC