District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies (DCCEAS)


The DCCEAS expresses its heartfelt thanks to the following sponsors for their support of Council activities during this the past years. With their generous support, we are able to provide high quality meetings, Engineers Week events, and the Minorities in Science and Engineering (MIST) Career Fair, as well as major STEM programs at all levels of educational institutions.

The DCCEAS encourages organizations to consider a grant to support our continuing outreach and programs to support recognition of engineers, students awards and promotion of scientific, engineering initiatives in the greater communities of the DC area.  Do not hesitate to get involved.

The DCCEAS thanks the past sponsors for their support of Council activities at one of the sponsorship levels shown below. With their generous support, we are able to continue our work with the many societies and affiliate organizations in promoting engineering enhancements in science and leadership recognition in industry, government and academia.

Consider one of the following levels for sponsorship:

PLATINUM LEVEL SPONSORS (Donation above $5000)

GOLD LEVEL SPONSORS (Donations of $1000 To $5000)

SILVER LEVEL SPONSORS (Donations of $500 to 999)

BRONZE LEVEL SPONSORS (Donations under $500)


If your organization is interested in supporting Council activities during this coming year with you generous support, please contact our president at president@dcceas.org or treasurer at treasurer@dcceas.org.

Sustaining Society Sponsors

The following society organizations have been continuing supporters of the DCCEAS events

for several consecutive years:

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Washington and Northern Virginia Sections)

Women in Engineering Society

American Philippians Engineering Society

American Institute of Architects Society

Consider adding your name to this distinguished list of sponsors.