District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies (DCCEAS)

Council Communications

Messaging System

You may send messages to the Officers and Committee Chairman by using the e-mail addresses stored in the DCCEAS e-mail system. The addresses in the system have the following format: "officer" or "committee" followed by "@dcceas.org". For example the Treasurer e-mail address is treasurer@dcceas.org. Please allow time for the system to process the messages to the current users and their response. You may used the recipients' personal e-mail address when they provide their permission. In most cases messages using the e-mail portal are also routed or forwarded to their individual accounts.  
The DCCEAS Officers and Committee Chairman are encouraged to access the DCCEAS e-mail messaging system, routinely to receive messages sent to them.  To access to DCCEAS e-mail messaging system, use the DCCEAS Web Access domain and enter the password assigned by the system for your message portal. If you need assistance contact the webmaster for details and access directions.

Council E-Mail Address List:

President                        president@dcceas.org

Vice President                vicepresident@dcceas.org

Secretary                        secretary@dcceas.org

Treasurer                        treasurer@dcceas.org

Director#1                      director1@dcceas.org                   

Director#2                      director2@dcceas.org

Director#3                      director3@dcceas.org

Education Committee     education@dcceas.org

Awards Committee         awards@dcceas.org

Membership Committee membership@dcceas.org

Audit Committee            audits@dcceas.org

E-week Committee          eweek@dcceas.org

History Committee         history@dcceas.org

Nomination Committee  nominations@dcceas.org

Webmaster                     webmaster@dcceas.org

Notice: If you have an address above, you can have messages forwarded to your personal e-mail by accessing the mail system portal and listing your personal address. Only you can see the private address you list.