District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies (DCCEAS)


Your comments are always welcome and we want to reach out and recognize areas of enhancement
for our members and their societies. Let us know what are your society needs and suggestions.
Responses and requests for more information can be sent to the DCCEAS at our e-mail address president@dcceas.org  .


The District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies  (DCCEAS) help engineering, architectural, and technology related organizations in the District of Columbia metropolitan area to outreach and support public services and to advance their society professional activities through public awareness in scientific and educational pursuits.

Any duly organized and recognized engineering, architectural, scientific, or technically-oriented group within the Washington, DC metropolitan area is eligible for membership in the DCCEAS.

If you are an individual member of one of our current
member society organizations, you are already eligible to be involved in the DCCEAS. If you are interested in becoming an active delegate to the Council, please communicate with your  leadership for your local society and reach out to the DCCEAS membership chair at membership@dcceas.org.

If your society would like to join DCCEAS, please contact the DCCEAS Membership Chairman by emai
l at this address.  Membership@dcceas.org


You may send messages to the Officers and Committee Chairman by using the e-mail addresses stored in the DCCEAS e-mail system. The addresses in the system have the following format: "officer" or "committee" followed by "@dcceas.org". For example the Treasurer e-mail address is treasurer@dcceas.org. Please allow time for the system to process the messages to the current users and their response. You may used the recipients' personal e-mail address when they provide their permission. 

The DCCEAS Officers and Committee Chairman are encouraged to access the DCCEAS e-mail system, routinely to receive messages sent to them.  To access to DCCEAS e-mail system, use the DCCEAS Web Access domain and enter the password assigned by the system for your message bank. If you need assistance contact the webmaster for details and access directions.