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NOTE:  Do to the Corona Pandemic Alerts, the F2F events

in 2021 have been postponed until the local governments have released the restrictions on group gatherings.

 Check back for Updates to this Notice.


The District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies helps the engineering, architectural, and technically lead organizations in the District of Columbia metropolitan area render public service and advance the professions through public interest, scientific, and educational pursuits.


Any duly organized and recognized engineering, architectural, scientific, or technically-oriented group within the Washington, DC metropolitan area is eligible for membership.

Join us as we celebrate National Engineers Week with the Washington DC Area Engineering community  Celebrating 83 Years of Service to the DC Metro Area


DCCEAS NEW Proclamation 

All of the local, state and federal governments in our area reach out to all engineers and congratulate them on this occasion of National Engineers Week 2021 to celebrate their contribution to communities everywhere for their research, education and technological support that has made the nation a better place. 

It is their gifts that have made the fight against Corona-19 successful using technologies so instrumental in finding the cause, isolation, manufacture and delivery of the vaccines possible. The DCCEAS extends our hardy thanks to the engineers in making this drive a great and endearing success in the lives saved both now and into the future.



To our many engineers representing the societies in the DCCEAS community deserving recognition at the national level for their individual efforts, both from the senior and junior ranks, goes our hardy appreciation and recognition for their service to the community. 

The societies know who they are and we wish them continue success in their endeavor now and into the future. On behalf of the DCCEAS please join our outreach and salutation to those who are seen as worthy of distinction and individual recognized awards.

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EMAIL US AT president@dcceas.org



MAIL US CORRESPONDENCE AT: P.O. Box 18842, Washington, DC 20036-8842